Your wedding is about you.

Things today are different than they were 20 years ago. Heck the year 2020 proved that! When COVID-19 started affecting large gatherings, couples threw wedding traditions out the door, and did their own thing.

Whether it's a small gathering or an elopement, your wedding day can still be a dream come true.

If that means reciting vows to each other alone while standing on the top of a mountain edge with a gorgeous view, then do it.

If you imagine find a quiet, secluded area in the forest beside a lake with your closest family and friends, then do it.

A wedding day can be as big and elaborate, or as small and intimate as you want.

Remember, It's about you.

Small weddings are filled with emotion.

Take away the elaborate decorations. Throw out the long guest list. Forget about time constraints! You still get to experience those first looks. You still exchange vows. You can even have a first dance. There's something special about finding a secluded location and keeping things simple with your strongest relationships.

I have created a variety of collections specifically crafted for small weddings or elopements. The day may look different than a traditional wedding celebration, but your moments are just as valuable and worth capturing.

So, let's plan the dang thing.